What Makes Us Different

Trustworthy & Honest

Most dentists are very honest and straightforward, thankfully we have found this to be true of our fellow dentists in Sioux County. Unfortunately the profession is getting a bad name due to many corporate influences who are creating a culture of sales rather than educating and accepting the patient has the right to choose the path they choose to proceed. 

Our goal is to always be honest and straightforward and to engage a conversation and allow our patients to participate in decision making. No sales pitches!

State-of-the-Art Technology

Technology is a double edge sword. On one hand it allows us to perform dentistry in was not even imagined a decade or two ago, but it also adds to the expense of modern dentistry. At Joiner and Zwart Dentistry, we strive to find a balance between the most effective and needed technology while keeping dentistry affordable.

Different types of technology in our office include Digital x-rays sensors which lower radiation doses, Carivu cavity detection, Cerec same day crowns, Biolase laser dentistry, The Wand computerized anesthetic, soft tissue lasers, Cerec digital impressions for orthodontics and appliances, and more.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Every detail of our new facility was designed with the patient experience in mind. From the general layout to the small details of indirect lighting above the patient in while laying back in the chair - it was all for you. We have ample parking in our lot, a warm comfortable reception room with a fireplace and separate kids area, private rooms with natural light and a check out area which allows for private conversations and the ability to exit without having to parade in front of anyone in the reception room.  We hope you will find these features warm and inviting as intended.

Personalized Attention

There are many ways to run a dental practice. Some practices focus on seeing as many people in a day as possible while others focus on very few with a high attention to detail.  At Joiner and Zwart Dentistry we attempt to give each patient ample time to ask questions and feel comfortable without rushing procedures.  For new adult patients we typically schedule 90 minutes in order to be very thorough and give you the best possible experience.

Committed to Quality

Excellence doesn't happen overnight. Dr. Joiner and Dr. Zwart strive to continually gain new knowledge to better serve our patients. We do this through continuing education, going well beyond the state requirements and also through connecting with our colleagues throughout the country to learn about what is new and improved.

As a team, we set aside time to train and implement changes every few weeks with team meetings. We also set aside several days a year to attend continuing education courses with the Sioux City Dental Society as well as attend a national conference every couple of years.

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