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Dr. Joiner began providing orthodontic services in Orange City in 2008 becoming a provider for Invisalign. He completed two orthodontic continuum's and became certified for aligner treatment for Invisalign, Clear Correct and SureSmile.  The goal in providing orthodontic treatment in our office is to give a solution for those who are unable or unwilling to see an orthodontist and are seeking a cosmetic solution close to home at an affordable price.

Aligner Orthodontic Treatment

Aligners are aesthetic, comfortable, biocompatible, easy to remove and clean.  Forces can be controlled, therefore treatment in many cases is quicker than traditional braces.

Aligners are worn 22-24 hours per day and removed only to eat and brush your teeth. Each aligner places a small amount of force on the teeth allowing the teeth to move at a controlled pace which decreases the risks.

With our digital scanner, you never need impressions and are able to store your final tooth position digitally so we can quickly and easily print new retainers when you complete treatment.

Call or ask during your checkup to be screened to see if you are a candidate. 


Orthodontic Forms and Information

Aligner Details and Instructions
Aligner Financial and Consent Form
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