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Patient Forms

New Patient Forms

Please use the online forms by clicking the links below to ensure we are prepared to provide you with exceptional safe care. This is a secure method which decreases the chance of data entry errors.  If you are having any issues with the forms, please contact us.

  • Click the button below to be forwarded to our secure online forms. (typically takes 5-10 minutes)

Consent Forms

Below are various consent forms we use in our office. You will be asked to sign prior to any of these procedures, this allows us to ensure we have fully informed you of the benefits, risks, advantages and disadvantages of involved procedures. We never want you to feel you are having a procedure completed that you don't understand or want. If you ever have questions, please ask!

Laughing Gas

Post-Operative Forms

Below are various post operative forms we use in our office. These are general instructions and you may be given custom instructions based on your specific case. If you have any questions about your treatment, please contact us - we are here for you!

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