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Candy Time of Year

You or your kids may find extra candy around this week, here are a few tips to protect your teeth from cavities.

#1 Avoid Snacking – Candy is full of sugar which the bacteria in your mouth love. The more you snack, the more the bacteria in your mouth can use the sugars to damage teeth. In fact, bacteria do the majority of damage in the first 20-30 after eating. Therefore, it is much better to eat candy in a short period of time rather snacking and spreading the sugars over your teeth throughout the day or evening. The best time for candy is as a dessert with a meal when the teeth are already exposed to food and sugars.

#2 Choose Your Candy Wisely – Most candy (that tastes good) is full of sugar. But some are worse than others, especially those that are sticky. Choose chocolate, powdery, or candies that contain nuts because the wash away quicker. Avoid sticky, hard, or sour candies.

#3 Sip Water - Take sips of water often to wash away the sugar.

#4 Chew Sugar Free Gum – Sugar free gum is a great way to stimulate saliva and counter the acidity after eating candy. Gum that has the alternative sugar of Xylitol has been shown to be reduce the risk of cavities.

#5 Brush and Floss After 30 Minutes - Brush and floss your teeth, but not for at least 30 minutes after eating candy. Bacteria use the sugar and increase the acid in the mouth. Brushing your teeth while the teeth are covered in acid increases the risk of microscopic wear from the brushing motion.

Dental cavities continue to be the leading chronic childhood disease. Be sure to have regular dental check-ups to prevent and find cavities when they are smaller and easier and less expensive to fix. At Joiner and Zwart Dentistry we see kids starting at age 1 and focus on education and prevention to allow your children to have a healthy mouth for their entire life.

Contact us today to set up a visit. Call or text (712) 737-3521 or email us at

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