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Lifelong learning

Published August 8, 2017

Several years ago a patient, a professor at Northwestern College, made a comment to me that they feel they need to continue to grow in their area of expertise in order

to be a contributor rather than a bystander. This stuck with me and was one of the motivators to

make continuing education a life long process.

Dentistry is changing at a rapid pace similar to most of society, with most of what I learned in dental school years ago being outdated. That is why at Joiner and Zwart Dentistry we focus on keeping up with the advances in technology and techniques. In late July I was able to hit a milestone in my journey of continuing to grow and learn as I was awarded the fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. The fellowship award requires passing an exam covering competency in all areas of dentistry along with a minimum of 500 hours of continuing education hours spread over all areas of dentistry

The ceremony was held in Las Vegas in late July and was more formal than my liking, but it was good to have my children see the outcome of hard work and the example of continuing to grow throughout life.

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